How do i make that weird conver thing in stores?

I forgot what it was, is there guides on this?

the conveyer belts in stores?

yeah! you know, like, when your buying your items!

it would probably take a lot of animation

how do i make it? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

not animation, just the disighn

You could always just have a button called “ring customer” then have like 5 hidden props a wire repeater with like 0.5 delay and have it show the prop “moving forward”

i need the converer design…

:sparkles: google images :sparkles:

… -_- Not what I meant… Is there any guides on this?

help… … . . … . . . please?

ok well, do you mean conversations, thats easy, here’s a guide: How to Create Conversations in Your Gimkit Map | TUTORIAL | Difficulty:🟨 - #2 by mysz

No they meant conveyor belts in checkout isles lol

Ooo conveyor belt that’s a good idea!

ohhh ok they use barriers, that get animated here’s a guide:

no,no,noooo… This is not what i meant… i want the DESIGN of the cashier thing, not the animations

ohhhh heres a guide for the cash register then: 💵 How To Make a Cash Register

That is actually a really good guide

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