How do I make speed stack up?

I want to make speed upgrades for vending machines but I want to stack them so if you buy both, they stack.

What do you mean by “Stack”? Do you mean you are even fster?

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there no way todo that * I don’t think so)

but what you can do is to make a vending machine active a channel then get your speed device and when it revises that channel it will set you speed to what ever you want

Do these help, @GimSolver?


You can’t make them add up (I think, they replace the previous boost when you get a new one) but you can make a property that increases when you buy a vending machine and some if do and else if do blocks so the speed will go up like 1.00 —> 1.25x —> 1.50x

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Im pretty sure you could use a trigger and a speed device. if you buy a speed upgrade using a vending machine, then buy another speed upgrade, you could probably connect the trigger to either vending machine so that if you already bought a speed upgrade, the speed device doubles that speed instead of giving you the same speed. I don’t have a clue about this though, because I never tried it.

That’s literally what the guides say :slight_smile:
(not to be rude or anything)


Um, what about in Tag Doination? It stacks up, could I somehow use a checker?

Like if the check passes, make speed 1.75?

Use an item for each speed, and give the player the item for each subsequent speed.


oh, whoops, sorry… :pensive:


Use a movement engine. There’s a guide on that if you search it up.

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Use the guides I sent you
You just need a few Speed Modifiers

How do I make it so if you kill someone, they switch teams with each other? @here

So if a player on team 1, let’s call them “Player 1” killed a player on team 2, let’s them “Player 1” player 2’d be on team 1 and player 2’d be on team 2?

Connect a Lifecycle to a Trigger.

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out --> (Trigger) Trigger


if Triggering Player's Team Number = 1
do Broadcast Message On Channel "switchteam2"


else if Triggering Player's Team Number = 2
         do Broadcast Message On Channel "switchteam1"
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I suck at block code, any other way?

It’s not really that hard but you can give players an item using a relay and connect a lifecycle to check their item and let’s say team 1 has a banana and team 2 has a strawberry, if the check passes (banana) switch player to team 2 and if the check passes (strawberry) switch player to team 1


Wait I’ll read it soon, at school.

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