How do I make players invisible?

How do I make players invisible?

It’s not exactly possible unless you also want to make them invincible.

Yeah I do actually dasdas for extra character

You can put characters in these <> to make letters dissapear for the 20-character limit. Also, thanks for linking my guide!

How to i make it just invisible i am a bit confused

You can’t actually. That hasn’t been programmed into Creative. My guide is only on invincibility.

Oh really? I thought I saw something for that somewhere, sorry about that

No. Somebody wanted to know if invisiblity and I read it wrong and created the guide. They said that that wasn’t it but it was still useful. Might have some details wrong, but there is no invisibility.

you but gibberish in this <> make sure there is no spaces, or special characters in it. it has to be attached to you post like this : (post that is too short)<>

That’s fine I was just trying to make a king crimson power in gimkit

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