How do I Make my Playing Map Bigger?

it’s a lot i know

I did that.
All of it. My only problem is making the map bigger. How will I make what you keep describing without using a team switcher???

no idea sorry :slight_smile:

wait couldn’t you use teleporters?

or you could check community made guides

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Teleporters? What for?
Also, who else has made what I am making?
The game is called Tag Gamemodes (v0.2.1)
The word idle is in the description, so while searching “Tag Gamemodes” doesn’t find it, searching “idle” does. Play it (with 3+ people) and you’ll understand more.

I’ve requested to enter the code-sharing group on the WIX, so I can show the devices without taking undecillions of screenshots.

You all seem to think that I made a small mistake.
Well, let me tell you something:

I am in elevated classes.
I’ve gotten this far.
I know every device that I know like I know the back of my hand-- wait, what’s that on the back of my hand?
(Sorry, couldn’t resist, but I do know the devices that I use better than you ever will)

Finally, last and most,

I am an autistic perfectionist of the highest degree.

Alright alright… Mr “Elevated.”

But… can’t you use a coordinate system? Also, let me develop an idea.

Have you tried making a check point bigger?

It can make it as big as your player. Well slightly bigger.
Edit: It will only change slightly if you get tagged on the edge. Also just realized CoolGimkitPlayer said that, but that will work.

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How do I use a coordinate system?

Maybe search up tamians coordinate system. That should pop up.

Just add spawn pads there, let me check if there’s a limit… brb

200 spawn pads limit. Just make the coordinate a bit bigger. Should work, and should be plenty. Also yeah, I said that coolgimkit player. said you said that earlier.

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yeah i liturally said that in the biggining

Spawn pads? Okay…
I don’t see that working.

So they respawn after. But make its on their team.

it’s fine, i’ve droped it

Like they get tagged by the good team, check if it is, then just respawn them. Might have to tweak to do on the good team or freezed team, but. I think it should work.

Okay, I’m reading guides now.