How do I Make my Playing Map Bigger?

That’s… too many checkpoints. But still, PRETTY LIGHTS!


Tell me if it works. Cause spawners should work just as well as checkpoints, combined with a coordinate system. Only thing is, make coordinates bigger, and how far your memory can go. After, you can just re add check points if you want in some areas.

Spawn points spawn you randomly. They won’t work.

True… Maybe use a respawn device.

I can try linking zones to teleporters. I’d been thinking about that, but decided that placement limits would crush my dreams and memory space.
However, there seems to be no other solution, so I’ll try it.

Yeah. I was about to recommend teleporters.

but 1% memory every 20 teleporters, so you should be ight.

So bigger, but not that much bigger.

Yes. 300 Teleporter limit. Combine with coordinate system and slightly bigger cords, and you should be alright.

Edit: at max teleporters take up 15% memory.

What? Only 300? I guess I’ll just do a below ideal map with bigger checkpoints. A teleporter system would be too buggy and laggy and take up too much memory.

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Ohhhhhh, this is going to take a while.

True. Mark coolgimkit player as solution if your gonna do bigger checkpoints.

I am not sure yet.
I will mark it if I like the result.
Sorry that I’ve wasn’t acting as nice as I should have. I was just annoyed at the problem.

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Its fine.

Usually I give up, or I just keep trying. That’s how I found out how to make my own king of the hill game for a team. But, good luck with the rest of your map!

(Maybe you can even add a sprint button… hiding in boxes… etc.

I have a speed boost. That balances the game out, because IT goes at 1.15 speed, but the runners can use speed boosts that give them a random speed from this list:
1.5 for 5 sec
2 for 4 sec
2.5 for 4 sec
3 for 3 sec
3.5 for 3 sec
4 for 2 sec

The lower speeds are slightly more common.

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Stepping on it makes all boosts on the map disappear, you get the speed, and five seconds later, two boosts appear.

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I’ll see if this works well enough.

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