How do I Make my Playing Map Bigger?

Yeah, that’s why I’m saying the thawers are like the runners.

Ok. So here’s what you do.

Tag zone, freezer team only. Then do the other team. Make it so they don’t respawn when tagged.

honestly now my brain is hurting cause I feel like I’m overthinking it. just use lots of properties or checkers or something to check blah blah…

Yes, but you can’t tag someone on your own team, so when you are tagged you switch to the frozen team but the automatically respawns you so I need checkpoints.

But I think we wait for coolgimkitplayer.

Okay. I’m just saying that the problem is the checkpoint limit.

No, you can disable if they respawn when tagged.

I’ve solved everything else.

Let me show you. Wait, lemme get an image.

I did, but the Team Switcher auto-respawns you, so I need checkpoints!


Couldn’t you use a coordinate system?

This always takes forever to explain, even in person.

How do I use that?
(in small words)

sorry what i tryed, didn’t work

Maybe just make it so everyone’s on a different team, use properties to determine their team, so pseudo teaming, and then continue form there?

Example, just use an item to determine their team. example, blue seed for blue team, red seed for red team.

Then use a checker to check if a player should be frozen, or unfrozen.

But remember, I have other tag gamemodes also.


But you got a button to choose, right? So make it so when that button clicked, it then does all the stuff you need to do.

you could make it where like @Txme_Lxss said, everyone is on a diffrent team, with one person on like team 34 tags someone on like team 4 they get there speed knocked to 0 but if someone on team like 3 touches the guy on team 4 the guy on team 4 regains his speed

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