How do i make an endurance upgrade

I wanr to amke an endurancce upgrade for my among us map

do you mean hold more energy or lose less energy

arent they the same

Try this @Geoffrey.Nafeygmail

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I dont think that is possible in gkc right now

no, if you have an energy limit (like in tag) holding more energy is a thing

oh no losing less energy

try this:

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I don’t understand. Is @NavyCatZ on?

Heres a guide. help giude

teh problem in this is that I wnat it to drain while I’m running

use a movement meter


oh nvm

ok :slight_smile:

If his helps please mark a Solution!

wait but before I do does anyone know how to make it so when your in a certain zone it gives you energy

Hook up a zone to an item granter than grants energy with a wire
Player enters zone ——— grant item

wait how do i make it so that i have energy in the beggining of the game


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