How do I make a tag zone on and off system. (Help) :(

I am try in a system where if team 2 have a item that is equipped they can tag other but if the item is not equipped they can’t?

Is no one going to help me :frowning:

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How do I make a system where the player have a item equipped they can tag other but if not they can’t tag

i dont kno anyways :man_shrugging:t2:

Same I am honest confused

Is anyone able to help? Idk

Rip GimAI

Would this help? Otherwise, you could probably do something with buttons. When you press a button at one end, it activates this tag zone, and deactivates the other.


Place down a inventory item manager, and a tag zone. Set the item manager to manage whatever item the team needs, then make a block when the item amount changes. Get amount of item, if > 0, send on channel Tag. If else, send on channel DeactivateTag. Make the tag zone not active on game start, and activate it when receiving on Tag. Deactive it when receiving on DeactivateTag. That should work.

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That’s basically what I was thinking, but I would use a checker.

checkers are really bad with properties before, idk about know tho.

They’ve been fixed.

oh ok nice

that was really annoying before lol

what was gimai and what happened to it

It was an AI bot that was really cool and knew a ton about gimkit creative. But you could train it since it was and AI, and people trained it to do bad things. So it got banned, the owner apologized, and somehow it got banned for doing nothing. It has been unbanned and never seen again.

It also almost took the point of the forum away, as you could see in a specific point of time where people made new topics just to ask help from it