Toggleable Tag Machine

This can be a potential endgame upgrade, like in a battle royale game map, you can tag people. This can be hooked up to a timer to nerf the upgrade.

  1. Take a vending machine, button, whatever you want to hook it up.

  2. Take a tag device zone, and set it to entire map.

  3. Connect a wire between the vending machine/button and the tag device. Set it to when the tag manager receives a pulse, activate.(This may only work for teams, and this version only works for 1 device per team.

  4. If you want to add a timer, add a couple wire nodes and set their delay to their desired time. Set the time you want and then hook up a wire back to the tag device, and set it to when it receives a pulse, deactivate the tag zone device. To prevent vending/button spamming, you can also set another wire node to shut the vending/button off when purchased from. After, you can reactivate it again with the same wire node used to deactivate the tag device. (This may or not be confusing, sorry if it is.)


Bump? I guess this is the time for old guides to rise up again, this one was the first one I made.


THIS BUMP IS FOR ALL THE OLD GUIDES! (People don’t see these enough and they are really useful)




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I agree. Something just being in the presence of it makes it feel so ancient, and just better than many guide, even though this is more ancient than your grandmas floorboards or something lol


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