How do i make a Random Room Genorator

im making a doors knockoff, so i need a way to make rooms random, or ten rooms at a time are random

How many different rooms do you need? How many configurations?

It would be much easier to just randomly activate and deactivate props in preset rooms so the rooms look randomly generated.


Use a randomizer through blocks, you can access it through select devices.
If you don’t know what blocks is, use this Guide:

Yep. Thats what I did in my map. Just use a rng generator and some props that switch on and off at the right time.

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Well, if you wanna randomize teleporters, so you enter a room and the teleport will send you to a random one, you could use my guide for it. Or just do what clic clac said and randomize props and devices in other rooms.

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uhh maybe use teleporters?

All you need is teleporters that all have the same group and have the same target (Two sets) so when you go to the end of the room it randomly selects a room and goes there.

Oh that’s very simple, just get teleportals that are all in the same group and b00m your done. Also is that VFD from the series of the Unfortunate Events? I really like that series! bro what b00m with OO instead of 00 is banned what

yea it is from lemony snickets lol