How do i make a floor is lava game?

I did search it up in the topics but all the answers were pretty vague and didn’t work
i just want to know how to make the lava take a way like 25 health and/or shield and how to make an animation for the lava

Use zones lasers and barriers ig

Something like this except its moving up

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lasers? why and what would i connect it to?

probably use lasers so that they take damage at each intersection between barriers but then how ould you fall down

Just place them so that (if this is platformer) when they fall Down they hit the lasers which deal 25hp

oh and then what would i connect the lasers to with a wire that would move the lasers up?

Ummm somethin’ like that and a wire repeater

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triggers with delays, that activate the next row of lasers every idk 5 secs or whatever

could i make it to where it goes faster as you progress?

here is what it looks like


make multiple rows of lasers that are deactivated on game and when ever a player reaches a certain point, the lasers get triggered by triggers with faster delays

what do u mean? no what’d i do wrong?

different post not you

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes sense

Something like:
using repeaters, respawns and zones.

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No, you don’t always gotta use triggers, but you could if you wanted to

what would be easier to use?