How do i make a farm system like the one in farm chain?

So i have searched on the guides section for a guide on how to but no one has made a guide so im asking in the help section.

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Bumping this please answer

Bumping this please answer.

just a checker that counts how much of an item someone has like research and a checker that unlocks vending machines at a certain amount

Wait is research from farm chain a actual item in gim creative?

wow i just checked and it is :open_mouth:

You can’t do it right now. Farming hasn’t been added yet

but you can use vending machines and stuff

I can’t use vending machines :sleepy:

Screenshot 2023-07-05 11.39.30 AM

if you cant use vending machines, then use blocks in item granters. logic blocks like the if/then block can be used and you can either grant the item or broadcast on a channel

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use a crafting table and change it to a farming plot

Pls don’t necropost

sry idk that was a thing

Np, but just remember to not do it next time

but hey @William is back so:
use this if you want to be challenged:

or be lazy and use the latest invention: the crafting table (it has a farming plot setting)

now we can let this rest if william reads this and marks a solution (mine or edwards’)

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