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Hey There!

I was seeing some guides and help guides.
I’ll go over the things not to do on these forums, and how to avoid them.

What IS Necroposting???

Necroposting is an event when you post on a Help topic that was made a long time ago, like a looooong time ago. This usually brings unnecessary help topics back up, when they were only used a while time ago. Would you like to see a post that was 3 months ago that was about something you already knew?
That’s why people (experienced people) tell us not to necropost.
:sparkles: SOLUTIONS :sparkles:: So how do you prevent necroposting?

  1. Don’t necropost! It’s as simple as not posting on months old help topics!
  2. Discourage necroposting. saying something as simple as “Thats necroposting” will be enough to prevent someone from doing it again.
  3. EXTREME: Flag them if they do it over and over again.

Don’t threaten people!

  • In posts, people sometimes get offended by what someone said or what they suggested. Please don’t be too aggressive.
  • This makes people feel bad about what they did when in fact they might not have done something wrong.
  • Saying something like “If you post again then I will flag you” is not so nice and can get that post flagged and removed.
  • :sparkles: SOLUTION :sparkles:: On the other hand, saying something like “Please don’t post” will have a more positive mood towards others and will not sound so mean.

Short Guides

People often make guides. These include Devices, Help, Bugs, and Community Made Guides.

Sometimes, making a short post will get it flagged.

:sparkles: SOLUTIONS :sparkles:: How do you avoid this? (Applies to Community Made Guides)

  1. Add Images! Images will help make your post more attractive and will allow others to better understand your post!

  2. Press enter before the next line. This will make your post have a more “full” tone to it.

  3. Try going deeper into the topic, like describing how you do this, or add more customization suggestions!

New Users, Please pay Attention!!!

For new people who have just joined these forums, please read this!
There are a few basic things that you need to know in order to have a good time here.

  1. Please don’t ask about updates! The updates will be chosen at nolt.gimkit.com.

  2. Please don’t advertise! This includes things like:
    Telling people the name of your game.
    Showing a website on Gimkit Forums that is completely irrelevant.

  3. Make sure to search before you ask! This means using the search bar icon:
    and searching up the keywords that you will be using in your help topic. This way, the Forums won’t have the same help topics over and over again! In addition, it will help prevent clutter and mess.

  4. Please don’t do things opposite of what wikis tell you to do.
    (Ex. Pressing a checkmark and leaving it there for 7 hours when you are not actually editing the post)

  5. If you post a image, make sure to Block Out the Gamecode!
    This will prevent unwanted people to be in your map and if you don’t it violates the FAQ as advertising. If your real name is the name on your Gim, Please block it out! It will protect your privacy as well as others!

That’s all. If there’s more you would like me to add, just let me know.

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I don’t mean to be mean but we have way too many of these

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I’ll delete it then
(It took me 3 days to make this)

It’s just additional stuff, with other things combined. I just took a look around the forums, saw what others did wrong, and put it in this guide to make it good, @Foxy.

It is sad I made one of these myself as my second guide unfortunately the people it is meant for are the ones who don’t look and/or don’t listen


Sorry but we cannot make forum guides, after all this forum is for gimkit creative


In the short guides section, you sound like you are giving loopholes to make the guide longer:

Also, don’t make forum guides

Its . . its just to help others so that they will be obey the rules in the forums!

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It was a nice guide. But I guess it was the wrong guide.

@thatOneCringe I’m moving this to devices once I do can you mark a solution?

yes was cause it’s going to be taken down. :frowning:

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pls no more replying


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