How do i make 2 things. pls help quick [NOT RESOLVED]

How do I make:

  1. A notification system like seen in Tag: Domination, where every 45 seconds, players get a notification saying “Run Away” and “Go Tag”. The two notifications alternate, resulting in a “Run Away” (45 sec later) "Go Tag) system that repeats.

  2. A notification system to notify players when they have capped out on the max amount of energy(say 25,000).

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For number 1 use a game overlay and then I think you need to use blocks to change the number.

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  1. For the notification system, you can set up your own variables, but in the following images are something similar to what you should do.

Step 1: Place a repeater and a notification system down and wire them.

Step 2: Let’s now change the value of the repeater to 45 seconds.
Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.20.02

(note: if you want the repeater to run the whole game, change the stop method to After receiving on channel)

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.20.48

Step 3: Click on the notifications, then go into blocks.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.21.46

Step 4: In the menu, select On Wire Pulse.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.22.39

Step 5: Write down the code

(This is just an example code, I did not put down a property block, you’ll have to do that and customize it yourself, but this is the basic code you can modify)

And that is the Tag Domination System.

  1. To notify a player when they have capped out of energy, add an inventory item manager and set it up to energy

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.41.42

Now head over to behavior and select max amount; change it to 25,000

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.42.26

Now we make the manager update a property, then create the property itself.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.44.49

After adding the property block, change the values as followed:

Now that we have our property, we can add a trigger to the questioner to send the notification

Now open trigger, select blocks, and make a new on triggered function. Here is the code for it:

Screenshot 2023-06-07 20.50.00

Now that we have that, all is left is to add the notification block. Add the block and modify the following:

That is the end of my short tutorial. Hopefully this helps you out a lot!


thank you a lot, the second one worked!
however, the first one, i can not figure out how to set up the property
could you do what you did for question 2, which is to say, a step by step tutorial?

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have you put down a property device

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yes but it wouldnt work

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elaborate please

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i just dont understand how to properly set up the property
and it would prove beneficial to have a step-by-step guide

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Did you set the property type to number?

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no i used a text property

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I made my own way of doing it.


Get one item granter, one property device, one repeater, two notification devices, one lifecycle, and four triggers.


Set it to game start


Set the repeater to the following setup:


Set up the property device as pictured:

Item Granter

Go to the item granter and set it up like this:

then go to the blocks section, select when recieving on channel, and name the channel tag.
Next, make these blocks:

done with the item granter


Set up four different triggers, two for gotag, each with team 1 and team two, same for runaway.

Wire it all up and your done:

Congrats on doing this!


i’ve posted abt this topic like 4 times
and this is the first one to work


no problem, im just (as my name says) Here to Help

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yes you are thanks u again


i just realized you said tsym, not tysm

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Set the property to number not text

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you noticed
:slight_smile: good job


@TortoiseTank2 set up the property like so

Don’t use testprop as the name, set it to the name you want

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I tested the system again, and it will only send the notification to one team. On top of that, I will always get “Go Tag”, even if it isn’t my turn to tag. Any idea how to fix this?

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Why is that so overcomplicated? And you don’t need the item granter…

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