How do i end the game on one player?

how do i make a game where the whenever one player is left the game ends, i have already searched for it but none of it worked for me

You sure you searched everywhere?

Try this one (again, if you’ve already tried).

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yea i re read it twice it didnt work and i followed all the instructions is there anything im doing wrong?

nvm i see what i did wrong sorry for making a whole topic on this my apollogies

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if you’re problem is solved, mark a solution so it isn’t left open (or flagged)

Aw man… I was late… I’ll just say mark solution.
Edit: Oh my bad cristal, didn’t see you…


How to make the game end at 1 player! 1/10. (No property or block code.)

none of it wrked not even the one you gave me

this one didnt wrk either

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