How to make the game end at 1 player! 1/10. (No property or block code.)

It’s actually not as difficult as you think it may be.

All it takes is 6 devices, 5 being unique.

I’ve noticed there are many things that does this, but they usually take block code. This one is the easiest by far in my opinion.

This will make it so when a player is eliminated, and there’s 1 player left, the game will end.

Let’s get started.

The materials will be…

x2 Counters
x1 Knockout Manager
x1 End Game
x1 Life Cycle
x1 Relay

Now, we can get started. First, place down a life cycle. Make it transmit Game Start.

Next, make a relay that relays for everybody, and receives the channel Game Start. Make it transmit PlayerCount.

Next, place down a counter, and make it increment every time it receives PlayerCount, and make it decrement every time when receiving PlayerDied

Make the counters target 1. Next, make it transmit SoftLock when reaching its target. Do not reset it’s number.

Next, place another counter. Make it increment when receiving SoftLock. Then, make it’s target 2. Make it’s starting target 0. Make it, so when it reaches 2, it transmit EndGame.

Secondly to last, place down an end game device. Make it end game when receiving EndGame.

Lastly, make a knockout manager that transmits PlayerDied

I decided to make this to be the most memory efficient way possible for battle royales, and realizing some new players need an easier way to end games when there’s 1 player left, I made this guide.

Hopefully this helps if you ever need this.


WHOAA, tysm! I needed this 4 my game! :slight_smile:

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Try it out, and help confirm. I did it in game, and it worked perfectly, so hopefully it works for you! :smiley:

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please add pics also this already exists

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What happens if a player leaves @Txme_Lxss ? I read through the instructions and realized it doesn’t look like there’s a function for a player leaving, since the counter decrements only when a player is KO’d.


Thats really the only problem. And theres no way to detect a player leaving.

Actually, there is.

You can make the relay constantly check every time a player gets eliminated, so lets say 7 players, 1 leave and gets knocked out, 5. I don’t really know exactly how to solve it, but it could be something like that.

But that’s really the only issue about this.

I figured out how to track when a player leaves! Here’s the result using your system replacing channels with wires (looks like spaghetti):
Screenshot 2024-04-13 6.21.58 PM
(No blocks!)
I’m getting off for now, so I don’t have time to explain all the confusion right now.

Oh yeah, I had to take out the knockout manager and replace it with a lifecycle.

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By the way, I gave you credit on the map that needed this help. Thank you for your help!

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my idea is a relay target is 1, and every time it reaches, it resets. But it also goes to a checker cause the checker is linked to a property linked to a counter, if equal to 1, then ye.

I tested this out on my own map, using every possible situation. (One player, two players, three players, player leaves, player gets KO’d in Gimlag) so this works, I can guarantee it.

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