How do I create a voting system?

I need help, idk how to do it

idk how to make 1 either, but i’d say yes cuz we in america.

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This one is very good, but very complicated.

Let me guess, your making Among Us

he’s proly not, dude

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dude u correct me for making a subtle spelling error but i think u should correct ur nickname cuz you think if u put “Xx” and “xX” at the beginning and end of ur name makes u look cool, but in reality it doesn’t at all. the user is just cringe.

Bro shut up, they think adding “Xx” is cool so what, you don’t have to attack their username because they corrected you, it is basically telling the everyone you’re insecure… or you’re just having a bad day


How about we dont argue?


thank u so much! character min

for characters you just add “< >” these things around lowercase letters (no spaces)

not insecure, dummy, nor having a bad day.

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