How do i add more money per click whem i awnser questions corectly using block code

My friend showed me this funny glitch where when you press solve, it instantly gives you money. I wanted to add a thing where each time you press the button you get money, but the coding system that gimkit works with is horrible. I’m a scratcher with good experience, and never have I seen such a bad block code menu. It’s very confusing, so I wanted to ask if you guys knew how to do it.

I have used multiple coding systems, including Python, java, block, c++, and multiple others. I can try to figure it out, but with the multiple maps I am and have to create it will take me some time.

Welcome to the community @anon60939802! First things first, please do criticize Gimkit’s block code, it is not bad, just VERy difficult to learn You could use a questioner device and wire it to a item granter, to were when you answer a question it will grant you money, you just have to set the amout of money you want. Or you can try this guide on how to gain money every second: How to make a money generator where you get 1 cash per second [Difficulty 🟩 ] And one more thing, if you wnat to tal to the best Gimkit creative coders, here are there names, @Blackhole927 @getrithekd @IlliniSD.


Welcome to the community! Also, thanks for saying I’m one of the best coders!

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No Problem, but hoestly you say things that i don’t understand, like 1’s and 0’s, you speak fluent code. And that is great.

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How to Add Speed- Difficulty 2/5 or :yellow_square:


sometimes i feel underappreciated but thats probably because I’m not very active

Sorry! i did not mean it in a bad way, i just said the best coders that were active, also i did not know you and @ClicClac were coders, i thought y’all were a mix of both.

That’s fair… I’m a generalist anyways! You’re good!

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hey, my device skills are pretty good, but I’m good at blocks too

Device schools?!

what, i didnt say that, i meant “device skills”

I believe you, really I do.

yeah ik but i did not remember it saying device schools

just because you can do multiple things doesn’t mean you aren’t one thing. I can code, design, and do device work, but does that make me not a coder because I can do other things?

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no, your are all of the above, those of us that are great at one thing and terrible at the other, also not very many users are consitently active.