How can I make something disappear after the player does an action?

So, one of the quests in my game is to clean dirt. How do I make it so, the player can press a button or just a random key like “E” and then, the dirt fades away (disappears)? I really need help with this.

(Also, a lot of people are assuming I’m a boy but I’m not! Im not mad at you tho!)

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well is the dirt a prop? or a barrier?

if its terrain I don’t think you can

Its a prop! Not a barrier!

Wdym by that? Im sorry- I’m a beginner

Warning: This is really technical/ hasn’t been solved yet
you could use this guide, but again, ^

as an easier alternative,
instead of the keybinding part, you could probably put a button under the dirt (make it so the player can’t see it) that you want to disappear and then make when the person presses the button → it hides the prop

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if the dirt is in the terrain section I don’t think there is anyway to interact with it

Okay- thank you! Im gonna try it and reply to you as soon as possible- (but it might take about an hour)

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Okay- that’s a good tip! I will try different solutions and I’ll keep you guys updated :smile:

k bye good luck on your map

Thank you!! :slight_smile:
I think you helped with one my other topics too- so if you did I appreciate the support!!!

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So I did the first part (putting the button behind the dirt) but how exactly do you make it disappear?

I read it! Is there a rule Im breaking or something?

no, it’s just a welcoming thing, to make sure you know the rules so you don’t break them


wire the button to the prop so
button pressed → hide prop

he’s not using a prop he’s Is using terrian I think

I’m using a prop! Thanks!!