How can I make a random ability for a box fights game?

I want to make a box fights game where a person gets a randomly preset load out, speed boost, or damage boost.

Make a randomizer with the block code that broadcasts on different channels that give the boosts.

Use this guide:

Don’t forget to use concatenation for the block code!
It simplifies the blockcode and you could use every single gadget and rarity in the game without worrying about the block code limit.

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But how can I give the players items based on the randomizer?

use How to make a easy randomizer

and put channels on granters which is pretty much the fishing mechanic

WOOO typing fast got the solution!


What’s concatenation @Haiasi (I read the post but I don’t get it).

Read zypheir’s contribution to ClicClac’s ____Land guide. I think it explains it better.

I think were already done here @Haiasi

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