How can I make a player drop their items when they get knocked out?

i know there is already a popular guide for this, but i can’t really understand what to do for it since they had to fix it in the comments. could someone help explain it better or offer a better solution?

this is the guide im talking about: Making a player drop all items on knockout (🟩) [Look at comments for remedy]

It is in the game settings

it is in the main game settings, or @Crimson_Knight beat me to it.

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By the way, the guide you read is very outdated, as it was posted back in August. Resource drop is now a setting, as shown by @Crimson_Knight

no, you guys have it wrong. im talking about when they get knocked out they drop their items.

Yeah, it is in the settings

it isnt. item/resource drop on knockout isnt a thing in the settings

Bottom left, map options, all options, scroll down

it only has delete and keep, not drop

unless if it updated very recently

Just have another IIM, with a higher ceiling. That should fix it, according to @WhoAmI.