How can I make a invisible wall you can shoot through?

I want to make a map where you can’t go through the walls but you can shoot through the wall

Combine this

and this

As for the second guide, it’s not technically bypassing the wall limit, (2500 if you didn’t know) it’s just a barrier over terrain to give an illusion that it’s a wall you can shoot through.
Make sure it’s invisible in-game to make it more visually appealing.


Okay, thank you!! I need to try it first before I make it the solution.

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I tried and it didn’t work. The barrier will appear and it won’t shoot through the barriers.

Are you sure?
Did you put the channels in the correct slot?

The barrier has to be Inactive on game start and has to be player-scoped.

Here are some pictures:


I did the same steps in the pictures said it doesn’t seem to work

can you send me a picture of your wires and channels?

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are you sure all the channels are right? maybe one is misspelled. (that’s happens alot to me anyways.)

It doesn’t matter if a channel is mispelled lol, it’ll still run on a device/s if the message is receieved as long as it’s in the right slot/s but it’s still good to use proper grammar for organization

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Screenshot 2024-01-04 9.18.54 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-04 9.19.44 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-04 9.21.19 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-04 9.21.48 AM

are you unable to shoot through the barrier?
also, where is the player joins late lifecycle?


yes i wasn’t able to shoot and it is visible, also forgot the screenshot

Screenshot 2024-01-04 9.47.09 AM
@Haiasi here’s the other screenshot

it’s fine if you can’t help me

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