How can I make a barrier follow the player?

So, I was trying to practice blocks because I’m still terrible at them… and then I had this idea to make a barrier follow you when you click on the button overlay But, since I’m still pretty new to some of the blocks, I just don’t have the motivation or sanity to figure it out.

Mmy question is: How can I make a barrier follow the player when you press on the overlay? I’ve been trying for hours and getting nowhere.

(Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, I broke my arm today So typing is a bit difficult.)

Uh… What is the goal of this?

To make a light source.

I don’t think you can make a barrier follow a player, really.

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I don’t believe you can make an object like a barrier follow a player.

You can! Hold up really fast.

Yo! You better cook, this would be really new information to me.

Do you mean a coordinate system of some sort?

Using animation and buttons, you can make an object emit light, There is a really detailed way to explain this but I need to sleep.

here, if i understand what you’re asking for, maybe this can help?
instead of making it a skateboard however, use the barrier, or the thing you want to follow the player.
correct me if im wrong on what you needed.

im lost

when did thee mention a skatebored

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No, thank you. But I need to create a light source and the player will be the source of light.

sorry if i was unclear!
the guide i linked was a guide on how to make a skateboard you could ride (basically a barrier that followed the player) which was what i though the op was asking for.

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Yeah, I guess you can try that. @CaptionPuffy

ohh, ok. in that case try this perhaps?

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Yes! thanks @speedy_kd4 and the others!!

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