House from the Outside: Ideas

Whoops! I thought “the OUTSIDE” was like a movie or something. Now I get it. I’ll get to work.

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Haha thank you. Reading it again, I can definitely see the confusion lol

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Use a Camera Device.

Umm no…. I mean I will have a button or trigger that takes you to the inside…

Honestly, if the guide posted by @Foxy is what you want, it’s probably better than I could do. I’m not much of a builder.

Oh ok haha. Thanks anyway!

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Well, what you could do is build what looks like a house like @Foxy’s guide but you can’t walk into it then you just build a separate area out of view and make the trigger teleport you there.

Yes, I know. It is the art, not the mechanics I am trying to make. I wanted maybe a better design than the one above lol? Idk if that make sense but that’s kinda the idea

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What about this?

Screenshot 2024-01-01 9.31.47 AM

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Ooh that is cool! I will probably use that :slight_smile:

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And you can add a door if you want.


Should I make a guide on it?

I think that would be cool :slight_smile:

What did you use for the walls?




I’ll just make a guide on it and hopefully either I can post it here on time or you can look at the new topics and find it there. If you can’t do either of those, then you can look at my account for it.

Also, tables and signs, yes.

Cool cool…. Im looking forward to seeing the guide1

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I made the guide @TryEverything!

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