House from the Outside: Ideas

Any ideas to make a sort of 3-d looking house from the OUTSIDE? For a town RPG.

I could help you more if there was more detail (perhaps a reference picture?)

There are roads leading to different places…. Like this small hangout area. I have made a jail, market, etc. But I want it to not be the inside. I want it to be ONLY the outside visible from the road.

I meant a picture of the house “from the OUTSIDE” in question.

See the roads? It is literally that is all there is rn in the area. roads.

Whoops! I thought “the OUTSIDE” was like a movie or something. Now I get it. I’ll get to work.

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Haha thank you. Reading it again, I can definitely see the confusion lol

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Use a Camera Device.

Umm no…. I mean I will have a button or trigger that takes you to the inside…

Honestly, if the guide posted by @Foxy is what you want, it’s probably better than I could do. I’m not much of a builder.

Oh ok haha. Thanks anyway!

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Well, what you could do is build what looks like a house like @Foxy’s guide but you can’t walk into it then you just build a separate area out of view and make the trigger teleport you there.

Yes, I know. It is the art, not the mechanics I am trying to make. I wanted maybe a better design than the one above lol? Idk if that make sense but that’s kinda the idea

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What about this?

Screenshot 2024-01-01 9.31.47 AM

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Ooh that is cool! I will probably use that :slight_smile:

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And you can add a door if you want.


Should I make a guide on it?

I think that would be cool :slight_smile:

What did you use for the walls?