(horror) Any ideas for the map?

I haven’t really had any problems or misunderstanding but i am running out of ideas

I haven’t encountered any major difficulties, but I am running out of ideas. Theme is horror but here is the storyline: The player wakes up in a strange city and begins to explore. They soon realize that there are strange things happening around them, and the city is becoming increasingly dangerous. The player must find a way to escape before it’s too late.

I guess you can see what game I’m going with…


@Jordan Nty I only need ideas, I don’t want to collaborate on my map.

i know 7856746325879465784365

Hide extra characters in <>


@Jordan i dont think you should post that…

make it dark all around

Ok, I will for one of the endings maybe a failed escape one.

I don’t have any ideas but I just wanna say that I absolutely love how you designed the bank

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Use, a doki doki, area, doki doki literature club area. LOL

you could have a urban area that is around the outskirts of the city.

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Maybe you could add a day and night system?

Thank you I worked hard on the bank!

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Good idea, maybe I will put another NPC there.

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we can tell it looks good

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Please make a doki doki. I need a laugh.

@VWOOM HAH, I will make that a troll ending

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A doki doki ending? Right? Please credit me.

@Theaxolotl good idea I’ll do that!

@VWOOM I will credit you DW I’ll put a leaderboard or sm

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