Hide And Seek: Super Toxic Edition!

I want to make super toxic hide and seek, but I need help creating super toxic spots.
Any Ideas?
(Btw, I Don’t Just Want No Collision Props Or Walls. Think Outside Of The Box)

Here be right back lemme build some stuff…

wait NVM its kind of hard to do this without any collision…

This is the only thing I could think of…

What do you mean by


like good hiding spots that peeps will use a bit too much


A locker, maybe?

what do you mean by toxic


i pretty sure you can tint floors and walls

so make water green in certain spots

and labs floors and spaceship corridors as the walls

Not that type of toxic

You can make the green barriers on the water have no collison and be on the above layer so that you can hide in them.

Maybe make a statue with an invisible button that teleports you somewhere else?

yah umm that would work too. so

what do you think @ModerateCape86

Huh are you saying that to me?

bruh i did and all of us are using our imagination that was rude