How to make a Locker that you can hide in

So in this guide I will be showing you how to make a locker that you can hide in and I will also show you how to make the locker itself.

The Locker Design

Materials/Props Used

  • Filing Cabinet

  • Barrier (You can find it in the devices section)

  • Metal Pole

  • Papers

  • Broken Glass

  • Dark Wooden Sign

First, what you are going to want to do is find where you want your locker to be. Then you are going to put down a filing cabinet and resize it to be a bit bigger than its original size.

Then you resize a barrier to fit over the front of the filing cabinet and change the tint of it to grey to match the locker. (Make sure the barrier is above the filing cabinet in the layers section)

Then get 2 dark wooden signs, tint them black, and then place them in your locker. Make sure your signs are above the barrier. (Optional: You can flip one of your wooden signs to even out the signs)

Then for the inside of the locker place 4 floor dark scrap terrain tiles wherever you want the inside of your locker to be. Then you can copy the barrier from the locker that you just made and place it on the edge of your tiles like this. Also you are going to get another barrier and color it slightly darker than the one on the edge of the tiles.

Then what you are going to want to do is tint a metal pole black, resize it to be small, and make a line that is as long as the side of the locker. Also you want to do the same thing for the top of the locker.

Now you might notice that you can phase right through the metal poles.

To solve this add barriers on each side and make sure that it is not visible in game. Another thing is to try and overlap the barrier with the metal pole to make sure there is no clipping through the metal poles.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 2.01.04 PM

Finally add some paper and broken glass for decoration.


Now on to actually getting in and out of the locker. You will need 2 triggers and 2 teleporters. First you have to place the triggers down on the edge of the lockers. Make sure that they are not visible in game but that they can trigger by collision.

Then for the trigger inside of the locker put “Leave Locker” where it says “When triggered transmit on”. For the trigger on the outside of the locker put “Enter Locker” where it says “When triggered transmit on”.

Then add a teleporter to the inside of the locker and go to options and name the teleporter “Inside Locker” then go to the channels tab and where it says “Teleport here when receiving on” put “Enter Locker”.

Finally Add a teleporter on the outside of the locker and do the same thing except name the teleporter “Outside Locker” and go to the channels tab and where it says "Teleport here when receiving on put "Leave Locker. (Also make sure you the lockers aren’t visible in game)

Then you’re finished!!!

Welp I hoped you find this guide helpful in making your maps and always remember to be CREATIVE!!!

BYE :slight_smile:


Woah that is really cool.


Very nice guide!


How did you do that?

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Do what? More info please.

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Do you mean how did I get the Idea or how did I make it

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How did you get the idea


Well what I did is I thought of something that has not been done on the forum before and I saw that It had not been done before so I loaded up a new map and started trial and error until I came upon a design that I like. Then I made a topic on step-by-step how to make the locker. So basically make something that you like.

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This is amazing!!
I can only imagine the horror games that could be made with this!!


Thats cool! Never would have thought of that.


This is sick!!! It would totally fit as a ‘hiding spot’ in a horror game or something.


Hey, what RBG is the gray color?

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try 50,50,50

but also gimkit takes hex

so maybe try aaaaaa



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Alr, what also what about the light version of the filing cabinet?


I was thinking about the light version. you can’t make the dark one lighter or change its color that much, so you probably should just use the other one.

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Great job, I love how you added messy papers and glass shards in the locker, but I think the junk pile prop looks more… locker-ish… lol


google can help you there.

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Lol that is so true except it seems in this generation we dont have lockers anymore