Hide and Seek Ideas

Could someone help me think of some ideas for a hide and seek map.
What kind of map should I do?
and what kind of things should I add to it

You could use this guide to pick a seeker:


how about a castle, or maybe the seeker gets 10% faster every time he finds someone, but if he doesnt find someone in 10 seconds, his speed goes down by 10% (lowest speed is normal speed).


thanks for the ideas


I will do a castle theme then is there any other ideas I should do I am going to add a clock

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ok thanks! I will check those out

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Try layers. Use the top layer on top of hiding spots it might hide you as long it does not show your nickname

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how do layers work I have seen them but dont know how to use them

You are absolutely welcome

Layers are the icon in the top left of your screen. If you adjust props layers, they switch position and can be higher or lower than other props.
Check this guide out:

I am still a little confused on layers how can I get it to hide the person if that is possible? Or even hide name

Ok. Remember in snow brawl where you can hide in snow piles? If you make the snow pile prop big enough, players will be able to hide in it.

yeah but what were you saying about layers?
And is there a way to move between layers or how do they work?
Are they only for the block placements?

The player is stuck on the player layer. All terrain layers are (as far as I know) below the player. Props also have layers, and they can be above or below the player. An item can’t change its layer while the game is going.

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You can make different props higher or lower than others. For example I want to make a Green Chemical higher than a Table, then I move the green chemical higher than the table in layers.

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