Mapmaking: the little things

We’ve all made maps. However, some of them just don’t have that little extra goodness. I will try to help you solve this!
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  • Props
    I cannot stress this enough. Props just bring the whole thing together and polish it. Props are used to design your game and give of a theme of the game.

  • Terrain
    This is also similar to props and can be used to design your game and set a background/theme.
    Use this guide on how to layer terrain:
    Full Guide to Terrain: Layers and Erasing tips (🟩)

  • Layers
    You can make devices, props and terrain higher than others using the layer icon in the top left. This is almost as important. You want layers in props to you know, be in the right order, and in terrain, this is vital. Imagine a map without layers.


Beach: Without layering terrain

Beach: With layering terrain
See the difference from the first picture?
It looks like the water is actually flowing instead of being connected to the sand.

Beach: with added props
Hey look, the beach looks nicer with adding props!

Beach: with added palm tree and corals

(Palm tree design by @WolfTechnology)
See the difference?
This is a good example of using layers to your advantage.

In the future I will detail more and add pictures, stay tuned in!
I may make this a wiki. Please be responsible.

-Dragontamer, Haiasi

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Layers are actually the best! This is a nice reminder to all of us.


Is there a reason this is a wiki?

Future editing and if anyone else has ideas!

I’m so bad at designing! I have BOTH of those and my map is still blandish.


Happens to the best of us! People like @Frozen_cursor and @Lolo are amazing at this.


I’ve got to be honest, I am more interested in challenging my comprehension of the concept, I’m not good at making actual maps.


Oh hey, you’re back! Nice idea!

There’s probably a guide somewhere on this. Also, I’ve just been mostly inactive.

@Lolo would you like to make an example on your very impressive trailblazing in the world of 3D Gimkit?

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Great guide @Dragontamer!

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Yep, Imagine a Gimkit Creative Game without adjusting any layers.
Layers and designing your map is just as important as the mechanics and devices in your game.

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When you said this, I imagined it and cringed so hard.
Use Layers PLEASE

Hey everyone! I know this isn’t everyone, but keep this in mind.
If you’re going to edit a wiki, please make sure it’s productive!
Just a friendly reminder.


Nice! You’re really good with 3d art.

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I appreciate your contribution! If you want, I made the post a wiki if you want to put it front and center, because this is incredible.

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Man I wish I could do design… I use two different layers for everything and only use props if I’m messing with sentries. I might have to outsource…

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Try making an accual bridge instead of the log, it mill look much better. And make you water fall look like this, and try to keep it one tone and one layer, but were it looks like two.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll consider it.