Hi guys im making a DK tropical freeze map

okay so u guys know how in the game there are all those little course well I was wondering if u guys could give me some ideas on what to do for the?? pleas help also if u want u could tell me how to make a peugnuin with a spear that would be helpful thank u

also i c an talk again :slight_smile:

Penguin with a spear? (clicclac funny)

Uh, I’m pretty sure there’s a guide on that, anyways, put a sentry in the penguin to make it look like it’s attacking you. I think you can draw a spear.

Wait what? You want ideas for a DK tropical freeze? Also a penguin with a. Spear?

Whaddya know! Someone needed a penguin guide.

lol thank u but my sentry teleports any idea to make it so that they peguin teleports with the sentry???

and make it so that if a player touches the peguin no the head it dies??

Deactivate the barriers that make the penguin and reactivate them in multiple other spots, using animation, and activate multiple zones that are on top of the penguin heads (but slightly bigger), and wire the zone to a respawn device so that if someone touches the head, they respawn.

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do u think that if i make ti so that if someone touches a part that isn’t there head they lose damage with a laser but I need that laser to turn off when it mooves

i can try and make one for you, idk how it will turn out though.

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