Hhow does blocks work i dont get it

pls i need help, it is so complicated!

It’s like coding. Some different devices have special blocks specifically for them. Also, please search before you post as I am sure that there are guides that can help you with your problem.

Essence of Block Code: An Introduction to the Interface
[ :scroll: ] The Ultimate Guide to Blocks!
Journey of block code: Section 1, Chapter 1: block code
Essence of Block Code: Mathematics and Basics of the Essentials
Essence of Block Code: An Introduction to Variables and Logic
The journey of block code: a in-depth guide on block code! The introduction


Is there something specific you would like the blocks to do? We may be able to help you a little better

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Just go with @Kosm0-o’s post. It says it all. Please search before you post.

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It’s kinda like Scratch and the Microsoft Makecode coding engines.


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