Hey I need help with a truck

I recently played a gimkit where you robbed a bank and in it you drove a fake plumbing truck I just want to know how to make something like this to incorporate into my own world

You could make 2 separate trucks and use teleporters to go from one to the other.

not a teleporter I get that stuff the design I could use for the truck

how would I make it?

try these:

How to make a Jeep Truck! (0/10 or :white_large_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

How to make a missile launcher truck - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

If you still need help, tag this with art-request

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I meant a plumbers truck

Can we get a reference photo?

yeah give me a second

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here is the one I found in game

in the game I metioned

just use barrier’s to make the truck, that’s what they did

ok I was going to see if there was a guide or something for thsi

Making cars in GKC [WIP] - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative otherwise, I don’t see guide for those trucks

thanks that is all I need

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is there a possible way to make cutscenes?

yes its possible, but lot a memory usage

make a topic, and we can explain

oh I have 83% used sad😭

make a separate topic @dx7h