How to make a Jeep Truck! (0/10 or ⬜)

Hey guys today im going to be showing you guys how to make a Jeep Truck in GKC!
1.Get four barriers like this
2.ok now make them all grey set the alpha to 0.99 and also turn all of there borders off

3.make on a small rectangle like this
image want to make one of the barriers a little bit smaller the put them together like this
5.get another barrier and make it into a long rectangle and connect it again
6.get the last barrier and make it really small like this
image once you did that make it black and turn on the border on like this
image duplicate it like this
9.then connect it like this
image get one more barrier and make it a circle and make it small like this
image make it black and duplicate then make the alpha 0.99 and connect it like this
12.grab another barrier and make it white, alpha 0.99 make it small and make it to above and connect like this
and thats it!
hope this guide helped!


There are a lot of car guides…


i agree but i was making a map and i was making this truck and i was like i should share this with everyone!


i prefer difficulties of 3-8/10. think of something within that criteria. i already have a different vehicle project that would take me almost a week’s worth of time.

But most art guides are 0/10

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Not all

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fr? i saw 1 by @BOB2 that wuz i think 3+/10!

@furry99pr0t00focxx its really easy you just use barriers i made the jeep truck in like 5 min

a bit… too easy for me. ik i said i like basic stuff but not that basic lol. thx 4 the offer tho. i already made a military humvee (er jeep) from @BOB2 .

can you stop being rude im trying my best and plus would you like it if i was making fun of your art you think that i dont feel disrespected by that just stop

and plus @furry99pr0t00focxx i think @BOB2 is your alt you keep on talking about he/she

No, I am not his alt. BTW, I’m a he. I think your truck is great.

im not tryna be rude. just sayin that’s a lil under my league.

1 thing i’d also like to add to the truck is a blue (or any tint color) window that’s not necessarily a barrier. also door handles (cuz ur not zach king) cuz how r ppl gonna hop in the truck?

ill try the tint thing @furry99pr0t00focxx

It not nice to bully people @furry99pr0t00focxx :angry:
I like your jeep @GIMKIT.CREATIVE

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thank you :smile:

You’re welcome :smiley:

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have i not already told u im not bullying?

ok, bro, made mine with a red window. (mods, this aint gore, calm down)
Screenshot 2024-04-17 7.23.27 AM

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