Hey guys would you be able to help?

What’s AoMS? It is a JToH fan game or something? I’m stoopid ok

It stands for Ascent of Mt. Snowy, and it’s a original creation.

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Oh yeah! I was playing that, but I was confused by the acronym.

Also no, those one block holes aren’t thin studs, those are headhitters.

How to make Trick Platforms! 3/10 or :green_square:
The Propsian Guide To Fun Things to Add To Your Platformers [wip]
Tips on making your platformer more hard and better!
hope these can help you!


in roblox things are measured in studs so its just a really thin platform


This is ToI:

This is ToC:

In ToC, you’ll immediately notice the incredibly stupid thin studs and the unindicated conveyers.

Go to 2:33 in ToI (and in ToC)