Hey guys would you be able to help?

So guys I’m making a platformer that’s extremely hard but I started yesterday on it so I don’t have much done. I only have the terrain and really small props to make it harder. But that’s it. So I need help with ideas.

Really tight headhitters, extremely precise lasers, thin studs, etc. To be honest, it’s not easy to make unique hard gameplay in your maps, whereas games like Roblox have stuff like Wallhopping, Truss and Ladder Flicking, Wraparounds, Hard Headhitters, Actually Hard Thin Studs, Killbrick Spinners, Dance Clipping, and more. The only real two hard things to use is thin studs, lasers, and Headhitters.

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Also, no transparent laser heads. It’s the ToI of Gimkit.

what is this (sorry i just haven’t heard of it)


A platform on top of another platform. The first platform can be small, and the one on top of it can be bigger. That way, you have to jump out, and then jump back in onto the higher platform. That’s why it’s called a headhitter, because you might hit your head or walk off while attempting to do it.

(or because you will hit your head if you try to just jump).

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ohhhh i did that (i copied it from summit 3)

there’s a game called JToH, there’s a tower called “Tower of Inception” in it, and it quite literally is the worst thing ever. imagine just doing like 100 really thin studs for an entire tower, and some other dumb garbage. that’s what it is.

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ToI in a nutshell:
Imagine 1 pixel as a platform, and multiply it by 729837928.

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ok thanks but since I’ve already done the headhitter thing do you have any other ideas


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Make the player speed higher so they have to be more careful

i was going to add sentries but i dont want them to di3 like mid-game

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nice ill try to do that!!

Add a lore, that adds depth to the game, usually when there is a story, the players enjoy the game much more.

Make a shadow platform section. Have ccf props where they’re visible, but you can’t get to them. You know what, here’s a picture. (it’s top down, I don’t have season ticket)


ohhh ok

For @unavailible

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ccf stands for can collide false btw

What’s a thin stud? Is it the one block holes in the wall used in AoMS?