Help with some stuff

From Cod Zombies. Double Tap had an idea of changing the damage modifier, but i am unsure how to do

You can’t use the damage modifier yet. It is still something to be added later on.

You could have a vending machine that upgrades your weapon?

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You could also make something like this:

Ok thanks. Noted. I can’t wait until it is

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You can vote for it here:

Yeah I already said that on another of his post.

well that’s not this post, so i posted them to help them.

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Is there a specific mechanic that you need help with?

The machine they were asking for was the speedy cola.
Screenshot 2023-08-31 12.48.26 PM Me and @Coffee made this.

Ok thanks! I need help with Staminup and Mule Kick. Stamin-Up: What are the small boxes for the machine at the end and how do i get them? Mule Kick: How do i get barriers. EL BURRO!!![



Thats what it looks like when you post a reply looking for guides wingwave.

what happened? Something interested you?

No he means the obsurde amount of guides posted on a single post.

Oh ok i see. Thanks for the correction

Your Welcome, Let me know if i can help you on anything else, and when you find your answer, please mark a solution.

I need help with some of them

I know, thats why I said when you do.