Help with some stuff

Your Welcome, Let me know if i can help you on anything else, and when you find your answer, please mark a solution.

I need help with some of them

I know, thats why I said when you do.

Yeah ik ik i kinda need help with EL BURRO!(aka mule kick lol) and Stamin-up.

Check out all of @Coffeeā€™s guides, he has made most of these already, I believe he was a big fan of COD Zombies, so he would be your best bet on anything related to COD Zombie questions.

Like Stamin-Up makes sense except for the colored boxes above the space trash. Mule kick i cannot get the barrier color to go behind another

that is due to layers, switch the barrier layers to get it underneith another.

Yeah iā€™m a big fan, even a bigger nerd when it comes to perks(Excluding BO4)

Ah. Got it. I thank you for helping me. :slight_smile:

Your Welcome, just doing my thing.

Imma try to make the machines, and send a screenshot tomorrow.

Just a little thing in return.

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Depending on how long it will take me(cuz i got school) sometime tomorrow morning or the afternoon

One last thing: How do i make text boxes?

go to devices, and type in text

And yeah, If you need any COD zombies perk props, you can ask me