Help with scp ikea map

I need help with the ikea map from scp 3008


What is that? Please explain.

Scp 3008 is known as the infinite ikea

It’s name kinda tells you what it is, but it’s an ikea that’s infinitely big.

It’s a Roblox game where you get trapped in an infinite ikea

And there’s these faceless employees that are hostile at night

They chase you around saying “the store has closed. Please exit the building”

I only need help with the map not the scp

Not really, 3008 has been around since ~2017.

Also, please keep everything in one message, you’re cluttering this topic up. (risk of getting flagged)

Wanna help with the map or is that against the forum rules to put codes in

It is against the rules of the forums to post j0in codes. However you can in the wixsite (don’t quote me on this i’m not 100% sure)

Sorry, but that is against the rules here. Not on the Wix site, though. I have no idea how to help you, sorry. Good luck!

Okay so uhm I guess I will just build it myself lol

Thanks for trying though

Wow okay so I added 4 plots and uh yeah

The store is now closed. Please exit the premises.

Build a grocery store using this guide

then add zones on all ends, and make it so when you enter that zone, you get teleported back where you started, giving it the :sparkles:infinite :sparkles: effect.


Try adding just alot of random props around the map or something btw im kina an scp nerd so ask me anything about 3008 if you want

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Welcome @Colton! hope you have a good time on the forums!

To make an infinite ikea is prob impossible for rn. So what you can do is make a really large map and then the more closer they get to the end of the map the less stuff they are. So they should tend to me closer to the middle where there is more.

Well, if the map is very big, you can hide teleporters that warp them to a random part of the map that looks identical to another part of the map. Roughly around the edge of the map, to ~middle