How to make a working grocery store! 3/10 or 🟩

My Idea came from @Aubec7 on making a working shop. Thanks @Aubec7! Here we have a working grocery store.

Building and Props

How to build: Build a 13 x 19 square concrete wall, with 2 missing out at the bottom. ( For the door. ) Like this:

( I took a screenshot when the gim was blinking. :slight_smile: )
Add boardwalk as the floor and no empty spaces. Don’t put it where the opening in the door is.
Props: You need an empty brown bookshelf, every fruit box YOU CAN FIND, ( not the empty one. ) bread, and all the silverware and kitchen stuff. ( Like glass cup, fork, spoon, and kettle). Go to layers, and add all the item props ( Not the bookshelves.) to the above player layer. ( So they stay on the shelf. ) Decorate each one on the shelves, but the kitchen stuff only on one. In the end, it should look similar to this:


Devices needed: an item granter and a button. Place each one in a place that might have something that looks good with it_____. Nevermind. Just do it like this, also with the wiring, ( Button pressed, grant item. )

I wasn’t finished with all the wiring in this one. )

Then I’m pretty sure you’re done.
If you want me to make a money system, vote yes or no! :slight_smile:

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  • No
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If your just now looking at this, the money system requires destroying the entrance of the store.


Nice guide! Good job!

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Nice guide!

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Nice guide! You could probably use the fishtopia loot tables for the cash system but change it for these items.

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this is an awesome guide! maybe for a cashier, you could use gray barriers, and inside them would be the cash pile prop. (forget what it’s called.)


Yeah that’d be cool

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Nice guide! Yeah a money system would be fun!

Cool guide! For the money system, you could swap out the item granters with vending machines.

Bump…? Free cheese :cheese: