Help with my gamemode

I’m making a Domination/Hardpoint gamemode. if you don’t know what these two game modes are… Domination & Hardpoint are 2 similar game modes (commonly in FPS games like COD) with some key differences, in both game modes there are control points/objectives that your team need to take control of to get points and win.

more info about the game modes

in Domination there are control points/objectives (typically there are 3) that your team has to take control, and your team gets a point for every second your team has control of one, and in some games taking control of all of them wins the game instantly (not in my game)
in order to take control of a control point/objective a team mate must stay in the control point/objective zone for some amount of time (like 5-10 seconds) and I think it takes less time if there are teammates are also in the zone with you


in Hardpoint there is only one control point/objective that moves around every 60 seconds and your team gets a point for every second your team has control
in order to take control of a control point/objective a team mate MUST stay in the control point/objective zone and your team losses control if the point if no one is in the zone and/or there are more people in the zone from the enemy team like if red has 1 person in the zone and blue has 2 in the zone… blue would gain control in that case. but if the number of people in the zone is the same then no one gets control

and well i mainly need help with making the control point(s)/objective(s) work… all i know is that i’m going to need use zones, some way to give teams points and maybe take away points when the other gets points (depends on what mode i end up choosing), waypoints to mark where to go, and that’s about it

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We for the score use a two global properties (one for each team) hooked up to two different counters.

Have the zone update a player property called “InZone” to 1 (its default is 0) when a player leaves it will set it back to 0.

Once you have that make two live player counters. In the trigger settings make on activate-able by team 1 and the other by team 2. Next modify these to have a checker that runs after the trigger and before the counter. It will check to see if “InZone = 1.”

Now you should have counters that can see how many of one team is each the zone and how many of the other team

To compare these you will need to link the counters to two different global properties. a trigger that is a trigger loop will constantly compare the two properties in blocks and then broadcast on a channel to increment the teams score counter.

If you want random zones make a randomizer in the blocks of a trigger. Have it trigger loop with a delay of however long you want the zone to appear for. Have it broadcast on a channel that deactivates all zones and then activates the random one. Have waypoints activate on the same channel that activates the zone and deactivate on the deactivating channel.

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