Help with my Among Us map (Skeld)

Yeah, and a lot of people helped and contributed to it, it should be done in a few days.

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I did a quick check and I don’t think I saw anything on how to make the map.

Hmm… Maybe check again?
Or reload?

Go to the art section and look at some maps for inspiration. And the mechanics press the arrows

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I will try and if you guys see it let me know where it is.

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Try this: Among Us Skeld Map (7/10) Map Making

@The_Man is AWESOME!!!

I have seen it. It is more of a showcase.

Use it for inspiration.

I’ll try, but I’m pretty bad at this stuff though.

If you need help with making the map ask people on wix to help on your map!

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Thanks for telling me.

Even if it is a showcase, it shows a good example of what the map should look like…


Yeah, I can help.

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No problem. Here is wix.

Yeah, it’s art and showing how to design the map.

Here’s the art section by the way if you can’t find it.

I don’t blame you, the whole post, opening the dropdowns included was 14,000+ characters around a ~week ago.

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I will try it by myself first (I don’t want to bother other people).


I dont mind! I can help with all of your technical issues if or when you need me to!

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Also, in about 1 month I will finish all of my among us tasks and will make a TUG on it.

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It’s fine.
Many of us don’t have a life.
Many of us have nothing else to do.
Although it’s always nice when you try it out yourself, and when you accomplish something, you get happy.

If you need me, message me on the wixsite.