Among us showcase!

Hello, Gimkiters! I have not done a guide in quite some time, as I have been hard at work on my Among Us map, and after A WHOLE MONTH OF WORK, I’m done! Complete with sabotages, 5 tasks, closets to hide in, MY OWN SIMPLE VOTING SYSTEM, (See poll on whether I should make a guide on it) an Emergency Meeting button, of course a kill system, 9 rooms, and, my favorite of all, SECURITY CAMERAS!
Main Room: It’s pretty simple! Put a round table in the center with a button on top of it that transmits on “emergency meeting,” and have a bunch of spawn pads around it. Like I said, pretty simple

Command Room:

Disco Room:

Gym Room and Garden:

The Lab Room:

Weapons and O2:

Security and Card Swipe:

Clean Vents Task:

Weapons Task:

Fuel Engines Task:

Wire Task:

(FINALLY) Simple Voting System!


I hope you enjoyed this Showcase on my take on Among Us, and happy Gimkiting!
P.S. Answer the poll below: Should I do a guide on my voting method?

  • Yes
  • No
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I thought no showcases

What do you mean? I know FOR A FACT that we’re allowed to do showcases. Just look at @WolfTechnology and ALL his showcases of Among Us. If those haven’t been flagged yet and are allowed, then a small showcase like THIS should be allowed! Just the facts

You are correct @LandynSPEEDO802, showcases are allowed to an extent, and this qualifies. But please use a nicer tone when responding to another users ideas or claims.


Those technically don’t count, as those are art guides and not showcases. He’s showing how to make the stuff, not just shoving it out there and telling the forum it exists.

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Sorry, I’m just annoyed that I get this question so much, and I always give the same answer

Oh…I swear, though, if a whole month’s work is erased…

You can just write about how to make everything, and it should be fine.

Wait, who put my guide as “off-topic?” I thought we have said thousands of times to not use it?

no off-topic can be used for the right reasons, and @ClicClac is right, I did showcase my guides, but I showed how to make them.

K…I’ll edit the post and show yall how to do it…

Thank you, and nice art btw!

Nice job! Looks pretty good!

Thanks! I guess a month’s work HASN’T been wasted!

Well we all hope that a months work would really never go to waste. :sweat_smile:

Uh… I hate to break it to you but unless you teach something in your guide about design or mechanics of GKC, then this can be flagged as pure showcases are not allowed.

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How do the cameras work? I’m not making Among Us, but that could be useful.

Use this guide: Security Cameras (Difficulty 5/10 or 🟨)

burmp anyways this map looks good.