Help with island point capture art

Im thinking about having setup like this

but have to hop across metal scraps (ima use teleporters to simulate this) to get to islands and get all 4 flag islands under your teams control…but I need help with how it will look… can someone help make some art for the islands… (i’m thinking team islands are like a makeshift base and a bit like a bedwars team spawn look.


I believe someone has made a guide for island designs.




This might help as well.


Not really but thanks i wanted it to look more like this

but thicker underneath and more like a mountain shape but island look
<imgsrc=“” alt=“Screenshot (38)”/>
like those two images mixed…

ok nevermind i would like help now please.

Ill do that…any more map suggestions?

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The red thing is supposed to be a Gim


yeah, hold on, one sec…

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how about gmail?

So back on topic does anyone have any island art that will work well for me?

how about a roller coaster?
download (22)

I am 90% sure i already put that in. but it didn’t go well with it … also i want island look.

how about a sign for the front using pixel art?