Help with island point capture art

like this:

I want a island look like where it looks like this
mixed with this

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I can help if you want

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Yes please

you can use some coral on the island, and maybe even an underwater island

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I have everything i need to for details i just need image of where someone uses layers like in my previous link to image and makes 2.5d look with cliffs and drop offs and parts that gradually go down to sea level…if that makes sense if not i can clarify

something like this? If this is what you want, I can try and find the guide I used to make it.

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yea I know how, maybe share link on the wix?

I think he wants to make it on his own.

But then why did he ask for help?

One @cheesebox like that for part but i want it to slope upwards and kind of gradually get bigger and show the bottom of island using terrain layers…and 2 @Seven_Seas
the wix is blocked for me…

maybe share me a file with the code or google slides

wdym show the bottom of the island? Like the part that’s underwater?

you should make custom trees, a boat crash that is in rocks with smoke from it, a campfire with tents next to it, and sos spelled out in rocks, along with a forest.

Like the island is a mountain?

@Haiasi told me not to share links

For ideas and instructions.

yes i will show you give me a second…

again i dont need ideas i need how to make the island itself with terrain

If so use layers to make props look like they are getting higher. Like so.