Help with Host Punishment Options

Hello :slight_smile:
I need some help with a problem.
Im making a call of duty knockoff called Call of BEAN (Since gims look like beans)
Im running into one issue tho
Im trying to punish certain players by freezing them or sending them to jail, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Could someone please help.

Ps: Please don’t send me the “How to make host options” guide as ive already read it

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In order to do that, wouldn’t you need a relay for all potential 60 players?

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You could limit this by sending anyone who joins after 20 or so players to a 1x1 box or just freezing them so they will leave, limit the player count to 20.

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Can we make it simpler than that by maybe using a popup

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Thanks for the suggestion but im not trying to do that. If someone is cheating im wanna freeze them or send them to a box.

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And what would happen when you pressed the popup? In order to target a specific player, you would probably still need a relay for each person, unless I am missing something.

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You could use a keyboard to type their name but that takes up like 1/2 of your memory


Im trying to do the following

  • An Admin clicks the host button
  • they select or type a players name
  • they then if they click freeze
  • it freezes them
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Ive already make the first option

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I have an idea for a keyboard that takes up less memory, but it isn’t out yet.

I’ve already used up 21% of my memory

Screenshot 2023-09-01 10.43.14 AM


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With our current knowledge, this may not be possible yet, unless gimkit adds in text inputs in the next update?

Maybe popups with call to actions with the person’s name. Takes a lot of popups and workaround with scope though

I’ll probably make this my next guide

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I was going to when I figured it out, but i think I have a method of a way I could do it now. I just need a way for a popup to popup for THAT specific player. I also need a way to set the popup content to each player’s name

You could use the block “triggering player’s name”.


get un-impossibled

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