Help with Host Punishment Options

*may not be possisble
Key words…

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I think the black object need to be summoned

@Blackhole927 we need you’re black hole powers

Can I make a guide for this in the next few days?

Absolutely can you make it a system for freezing a certain player using popups or something, and make it easy to use

Ok thanks.

Make sure to credit @Brayden_Shelton in your guide!

Let me know when you finish it and please post it in this topic :slight_smile:


This is actually an alt account pleas credit my main @Brayden-Shelton

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What do you need?

@Blackhole927 I need help with this

When are the players being punished? Do you have a way to detect that?

But you can use a teleporter and teleport the player there.

What im trying to do is freeze a player when I trigger it in a popup or something. I want something streamline, and only freezes the one person

Um… My specialty is block code, not actual gimkit, and I can’t really think of a way to do this lol

I see so you’re good with block code? you mind if I mention you in another topic of mine I need some block code help.

How about you give each player a different amount of an item, then have a popup shop that has buttons corresponding to the different amounts of items. You press button 22, the guy with 22 of the item gets frozen.

but how would you know whos who?

Why are they being punished?

Up to sixty properties, which can each only be updated if you have a specific number of items.