Help with ending the game!

I made a hide and seek game and need help with ending the game when there is only one hider left that has not been tagged and to make the scoreboard with the players name that has not been tagged.

This may have the answer
How to make a last man standing system actually work! (Difficulty: :yellow_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
There are a few guides on what you need help with so make sure to search and check those out.
Also if someone is switched to spectator the scoreboard wont show their name so you dont have to worry about coding it.
Good luck!


What if you don’t turn them into spectators?

Could this help?

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If you dont turn them into spectators then they will show up on the leaderboard.
I dont beleive there is a way around it.
(Although knowing the forums someone probably made one)

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I’ll try both of these guides and see it it works! By the way, thank you! This might be helpful!

You could probably just change the team it switches to to the seeker’s team.

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No problem glad to help.
(Also dont forget to mark a solution if you dont need more help.)
Good luck on your hide and seek!

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