How to make a last man standing system actually work! (Difficulty: 🟨)

The reason I am making this is because when I was trying to make a last man standing thing all of the other “how to’s” where so confusing, so here is on that is super simple, WITH images

items you need

2 lifecycle
3 triggers
end game
team switcher
knockout manager
lots of wires

  1. when you have all of your thing it should look like this

  1. you will connect your knockone manger to your team switcher

  1. change your team switcher to this


andyour knockout manger to this


  1. set your counter’s starting value to 2


and target value to one


  1. connect you zone to your counter

  1. this is where your wires come in a lot so look at the pictures

lifecycle to counter like so

then your lifecycle too two of the triggers

then the two triggers that you just attach wires to… attach wires to the 3rd one…like so

then do wires to the 3rd one go to both the other 2 like so

now put wires from the FIRST 2 triggers to the counter

then finally attach the counter to the end game

and it should work…I hope

trying to do this gave me so much stress, it’s not even funny.

this makes it to where if you die you turn into a spectator, and when there is only one person left then the last person alive is the one who wins


this took a awile and now I’m going to bed

@CoolGimkitPlayer good guide :smiley:

Nice guide! I ran out of ikes :frowning:

can you tell that i’ve never made a “Community Guide” before?

Nice guide!

interesting guide, this seems pretty useful.

its similar to my guide

yeah well i did not see your guide and when i read your guide it was kinda confusing, and this took me like 45 mins for fiughure out.

I LOVE THIS GUIDE!!! it’s so amazing