Help with differentiating teams

How do I make a simple way to just make the players on 2 teams look different, like a glowy effect or something like that

you can’t technically do the glowy thing but there is an alternate (main, actually) way.
go to map settings: on the bottom left corner of your screen in GKC there is a settings button. click it. then at the top of the new tab click on map settings.
now go to the teams tab and scroll down until you see something like “mark enemies” and “mark teammates”. I don’t remember what it’s actually called but hopefully you can find it! now set both of those setting options to “yes”. now player names will be changed to green or red depending on who is an enemy and who is a teammate.

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Thank you! I had no idea this exited. Thanks for replying so fast.

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No problem! Make sure to mark a solution and have a good _______ (evening? night?)!

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you could also say summer maybe?

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Night. Also, school isn’t out for another 3 weeks where i am

well yeah but it’s still close my school is taking my computer away soon

If we got the answer, shouldn’t someone mark a solution? If you need another, then try the In-Game Trail. Each team has a different trail than the other.

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Here you go

dude, if you’re going to reply to a help post then

  1. read the help post
  2. don’t try advertising your guides and getting popular unless it actually helps

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